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meet clare & steven

After photographing more than 100 weddings, we've figured out that the secret to great wedding day images: Treating our couples like our oldest friends.

We believe that getting to know the couples we serve helps us to capture the genuine joy our couples share. Your most beautiful “you” is the relaxed, happy, and natural version of you!

So how does this happen? Well, it helps that Clare is a bit of an organization freak.(is it wrong to create a task just so you can cross it off?) Steven is more go with the flow and enjoys letting the moment happen.  Together, we make the perfect team! 

We are a wedding photography team based in Louisiana. 

the photographers

Organization + Go With the Flow = The Perfect Wedding day Combination 

Lists and planning can ensure things run smoothly...but also, it’s a WEDDING! Craziness happens and when it does...we just roll with it!

Steven and I have been married since May 25, 2018. That day will forever live in our hearts as the most perfect day ever! Our passion for marriage is what drives our passion for wedding photography. Our wedding day was one of the most incredible days of our lives and doing life together is far greater than we ever imagined. We are so EXCITED for you to embark on this same journey! 

We love quiet days at home, snuggled up on the couch with Netflix, chocolate and Dr. Pepper (of course!) Date nights are done wrong if they don’t involve chips + salsa. 

The very best adventure of our marriage so far has been the birth of our sweet babies, Emma and Eli. (If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see plenty of them!)

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they have our

Emma Rose

We love spending days outdoors soaking up the sunshine with our adventurous toddler. Emma LOVES being outside and specifically chasing after puppies! She is our greatest joy and we love watching her little personality come alive! 


Eli Joseph

We just can't get enough of our chunky boy who's growing way too fast! His little personality is happy + easygoing with a hint of mischief. Watching he and Emma learn to play together + bond has been the greatest reward yet as parents!


DR. PEpper Obsession

We have always shared a love/obsession of Dr. Pepper. It’s a habit we *try* to practice moderation in, but we are both addicted! BONUS if it's from Sonic!!!



Cuddling on the couch watching a great movie is our preferred date night. Give us all the junk food and movie marathons! Our favorite series is easily “The Office” followed in a close second by “Parks and Recreation”. 


Salsa + Fajitas

I am a Mexican food FANATIC and poor Steven doesn’t have much choice in the matter. Luckily, he’s learned to love it with me! I’m obsessed with chips + salsa (who isn’t?!) and of course Fajitas. If we’re going out to eat…9/10 it’s fajitas!!!


Our Enormous Family

I’m the oldest of 7 siblings so naturally my family is huge, loud and crazy!!! My baby brother is only ONE year older than Emma. They are besties and watching them grow up together is so much fun! Steven also has a very large extended family and when we get everyone together it’s craziness! We feel so blessed to be loved by so many people. Emma definitely gets spoiled on all sides! 


Our Faith

Steven and I were both raised in very Catholic families and continuing those same traditions now in our own family is our greatest joy! Steven has been a youth minister for the past 5 years and serving high school students together is some of our best life moments!


the heart behind


Being a part of your family on the happiest day of your life is our favorite thing about being wedding photographers. Spending so much time by your side sometimes means we get to experience some crazy things.

Holding your dress in the bathroom, handing you a last minute snack, telling you jokes to calm your nerves or just being a listening ear while you vent about Uncle Bob (all of these have happened to us!)
We're with you for the crazy...and the amazing.

Being valued as a close friend during a wedding day is such a privilege and honor. Most wedding days end with me giving your momma a tearful hug as we watch the limo drive away. Weddings are filled with so many emotions and getting to share in that for the day is the. best. thing. ever. 

our story


I taught piano all throughout high school and had been teaching his little brother piano all year. That night I was hosting a Christmas recital and Steven walked through the door with his parents. 
Afterwards he introduced himself and we chatted for a split -second.
A few weeks later he started bringing his brother to piano every week! 
It didn’t take long for our after-piano chats to continue through texting. After a few weeks of flirting we had our first date (soaking in the romance of Chilis.) We met at 6 and talked until they closed down at 11.

That’s when I think we started to realize this was going to be something special. 


We had the opportunity to staff a youth retreat together (as the photographer team!) and that weekend completely changed our lives. During that retreat Steven says God revealed to him we were going to get married. I was completely wrapped up with photographing this entire retreat event of 300 people and wasn’t thinking about marriage. (haha!)
Shortly after that retreat we started dating. I don’t think either of us were prepared for the crazy, fun, adventure this relationship would take us on.  We certainly had ups and downs but each new challenge led us closer to each other and closer to the God we serve.

We were married on May 25th 2018 and it was THE. BEST. DAY. EVER!!! Like, people always say that…but it seriously was. I think we were both walking on clouds the entire day. 


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Are you ready to kick up your feet, grab a glass of bubbly and finally enjoy being engaged? After photographing more than 100 weddings, I know that perfect wedding days are the result of great planning, not luck or fate. 

Head over to the Weddings page to learn more about what it’s like to work with us on a wedding day! 

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