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Personal Maternity Session: Baby Eli

I definitely waited until the LAST possible moment to make the time for a personal maternity session! I just made 39 weeks and finally decided not to put off snapping a few studio portraits of my bump + Emma together for the last time. While being pregnant is a difficult season of life for me, the anticipation of welcoming a new baby into the family is such a special time and I’m glad we managed to capture some of it in portraits!

I’m loving the new studio furniture + my neutral client closet and it made getting a few of these that I LOVE so easy! In full disclosure Emma was only in the model mood for about 8 minutes….lol! After that it was a full on tears fest–which I included below. #reallife

Luckily, some of my favorite moments are when she was screaming her head off…but was feeling sorry for herself and wanted to cuddle me! Normally getting a VERY busy toddler to lay on my shoulder would’ve been impossible…but thanks to the tantrum it looks like she’s giving me the best hugs! There are many many days I’m thankful to be a photographer and not a videographer—no sound means you have a lot more flexibility, lol!

I hope you enjoy these and I will sure treasure them. Can’t wait for photoshoots with BOTH of my littles on this side of my belly. <3

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