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Sarah + Logan Wedding: Le Barn Rouge

I never imaged Sarah and Logan’s Le Barn Rouge wedding would be smack dab in the middle of a HURRICANE!!! As wedding week began and the forecast for a hurricane looked more and more likely we realized that’s exactly what would happen. Their wedding originally was supposed to take place on Saturday. When it became obvious Hurricane Barry would make landfall that day the family decided to postpone the wedding until Sunday…praying that the flooding wouldn’t be bad enough to postpone the wedding even further!

We woke up on Sunday not knowing exactly what to expect…but I had my rubber boots ready to go! It ended up being such a perfect and magical day! I could barely believe we were in the tail end of a hurricane!! These two are so incredibly LOVED by their family and friends. Seriously, dozens of people made sure Sarah and Logan had a blast!

I’m so thankful for these two and their calm, easy-going spirits. We managed to take every. single. portrait. we needed to in the RAIN. These two didn’t even blink an eye with the showers started! I’m so amazed and thankful for them. Because of their carefree personalities you won’t even be able to notice the hurricane in these pictures…in fact this wedding will always be a favorite of mine!

My favorite decoration of the reception…a sign that ready Bex (the couple’s last name) 1/Barry 0. These two overcame a challenging wedding week with that same sense of humor! Congratulations, Sarah + Logan! We pray married life is full of amazing adventures. Enjoy my favorites from their day!

  1. Danielle Dore says:

    I just cried looking at these incredible photographs. Clare you captured the emotion of this day perfectly. Thank you for sharing your photographic gifts with us!

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